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Why Everybody Loves Raymond was the absolute worst.

Source: Everybody Loves Raymond Facebook
While drearily channel-hopping over breakfast and trying to avoid Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain before heading to work, or while waiting for Fraiser (which has its problems, too) on my days off, I'll sometimes catch an episode of 'endearing' American situational 'comedy' 'classic' Everybody Loves Raymond, featuring Ray Romano as the eponymous star. 

Focussing on the perils of Raymond Barone's domestic life, the show's premise is that successful sports writer Raymond pretends to be suffocated by his overbearing mother Marie while simultaneously relishing in her undivided attention, meaning bitter and resentful older brother Robert goes unnoticed and unloved, father Frank displays a hyper-masculine and frightfully chauvinistic attitude to get what he wants (usually food cooked by obedient Marie at his demand), all the while stay-at-home wife Debra juggles maintaining the family home with dealing with her h…

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