A Response to Oscar Pistorius and Ched Evans

I'd first of all like to say how downright sickening it is that these men continue to be hailed as "heroes" because of their past contributions to sport, and that fans still feel sympathy towards them despite the vile acts they committed.

But what annoys me most about the Pistorius and Evans cases is that the women involved cease to be mentioned as the innocent victims they are. The young woman raped by Ched Evans, for example, is continually vilified and trolled by his fans online, and just yesterday I saw a status on Facebook expressing a sustained love for Evans ("Ched Evans <3). I'm sorry, but are we talking about the same rapist here? Or am I missing something? Rape never has been and never will be a victim-less crime, and the young woman involved will struggle to rebuild her life, and possibly never will. Just because she was highly intoxicated when it happened does not make it less of a crime. To fans of Evans she will forever be the girl-that-caused-him-to-go-to-prison, and will be looked down on because she acted upon a basic human right and spoke up, leading him to lose his place on the pitch. She deserves justice, not him. What he deserves, is to go back to prison where he belongs and carry out sentence that fits the disgusting crime he committed.

Being in the limelight by no means you are any less culpable or any more innocent if you have committed a crime. It just means the public will talk about you more. But apparently to the legal system it means you're allowed a shorter sentence than 'regular' people and your mess is cleaned up for you. Logic.

No matter how many people sign it, the campaign to get Ched Evans back on the pitch should not even be considered. He is a criminal, and he should be treated as one.

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