Karl Stefanovic/FEMEN/Gemma Collins

Ah, another week another sexism issue that gets my goat.

Last week the story emerged about Karl Stefanovic, a male TV host in Australia, wearing the same suit everyday for a year to highlight the sexist nature surrounding the appearances of news anchors. No-one at all picked up on it, whereas his female co-host regularly received comments about how she looked.

This is important. Even in 2014, a time that 'celebrates' everyone of all shapes, sizes, colour, age and so on, women are still being assessed and criticised for how we look. As this experiment has highlighted, no-one really gives a shit how men dress, even on TV. Laura Mulvey's 'male gaze' is as prominent as ever, as women are continuously presented as things to be looked at and objects of desire to please men. It is still an implausible notion that women dress for themselves and their own satisfaction, which is a bloody big shame in my opinion. People need to accept that women age, women fluctuate in size and shape and the 'ideal woman' is and always has been a fragment of fiction.

Radical feminist group FEMEN have somewhat angered me too, by shoving crucifixes up their arses outside the Vatican to protest against the Pope's influence on politics. Their protest had next to nothing to do with gender inequality, so doing it in the name of Feminism made me quite uncomfortable. This, along with other unnecessarily extreme radical movements, belittles the work so many feminists do to change public perceptions. I highly doubt that lots of people will chose to follow and listen to a group who shove crucifixes up their arses to make a point. It's just being extreme for the sake of causing a stir, rather than spearheading a fight for change.

And finally Gemma Collins, star of The Only Way is Essex, entered the I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here jungle last night, to a wave of cruel comments about her weight. Twitter was overwhelmed with jibs that slated her for being 'a fat whale', and it got so bad I refused to use the site at all for the rest of the night.

As a society, we have spent so much time praising larger women and trying to infiltrate 'real women' into magazines and the fashion industry, yet as soon as Gemma entered the jungle we went straight back to the sexist and offensive attitude we've been working so hard to diminish. Very disappointing indeed.

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