Stamp out misandry. Now.

The president of my university's student union, Yael Shafritz, said recently: "The Union in a misandrist bubble and I love it". This is sexist, and is not in the slightest bit what feminism condones.

I will holler this til the day I die - feminism is about equality of the sexes, and is about showing women are as good as men, not better than. These comments from Shafritz came during a debate at the Union regarding the exclusion of men from feminism. She later Tweeted from her personal account, boasting she "told me to sit down + shut up + their feelings weren't important!", calling the debate in question a "misandrist win".

This has made me and many of my fellow students incredibly angry. Shrafritz holds a position of responsibility and influence within the university, and is abusing this responsibility by insulting every male at that studies here and purposely discriminating them, purely on the basis of their sex.

Firstly, it is quite alarming that she was elected president of an award winning Student's Union if she holds such a strong hate for almost half of the population. Secondly, why she has not been stripped of her post immediately for making such disgustingly spiteful and narrow-minded comments baffles me. 

Nothing will change if men and women don't fight for equality together. Misogyny and misandry both need to be stamped out in order for social harmony, end of story. Enough is enough.

It is most definitely an issue that I'll be bringing up with my Women's Committee once the second semester begins, and it will be interesting to hear what other proud feminists have to say about this.

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