Why Are 'Meninism' and Feminism Different Things?

Just now, whilst casually scrolling through Twitter, I saw this image retweeted onto my timeline by a boy I went to secondary school with. The origin of this image? The 'Meninist' Twitter account.

Now, I am fully aware of the debate regarding reforming feminism to include men by changing the name of the perspective to be more gender neutral. But this account flies in the face of everything feminism and the fight for equality stands for, in the name of being a man with opposing views to feminism. This account pretty much encourages sexism and the denouncement of feminism, and in my opinion is worse than the infamous LADBible. This image has only fueled my withstanding anger for this account.

It is beyond sad that many men, and perhaps women who regard this as 'banter', think that women who identify as feminists are obsessed with rape and will use it as an excuse to cast negative light on pretty much anything. It's just not right. It's offensive to those who have been raped, and it's offensive to those who identify as feminists, both male and female.

I don't think the term 'meninism' is wrong. If those who call themselves a 'meninist' hold similar principles as feminism but only call themselves the former because it feels more comfortable, then so be it, great. But my problem is using this term as a counter to feminism, belittling and totally missing the point of the perspective.

I fear for the generation who turn to these sort of social profiles for 'banter' and don't see the damage they can cause in the long run.

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