9 Phrases and Words That Should Be More Popular

L'appel du vide (French): the call of the void. The instinctive sensation to leap from a high altitude, purely for thrill and adrenaline. I'm thinking of getting this tattoo'd on me, I think it's that cool.

Carte blanche (French): white card. Having complete freedom and independence to do as you please.

Kaellin (Danish): a woman who stands on her doorstep and screams at her children, aka me in the future with my cats.

Giri-GIRI (Hawaiian): the place on your head where a couple of hairs stick up. Baby hairs, if you're like me.

Hugger-muggering (English): now obsolete, meaning to be secretive.

Twattle (English): also obsolete (bizarrely, it's perfect), meaning to gossip.

Dandiprat (English): a silly or facetious person. Amazingly middle-class 16th century.

Wee-jee (English): bang on, top knotch, fan-tabulous.

Tha knows (Yorkshire): you know. Or if you're from Yorkshire, a sentence filler and general ending to a sentence. I had to sneak something Yorkshire in this, didn't I?

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