Obsessions OTM

I'll be the first to admit that matte lipstick has changed my life. I'm not normally fussed about make-up/making an effort with my face in general, but eyeliner and lipstick are my trademarks and are instant pick-me-ups when life's being a beach. No more sticky, easy to smear gloop the thickness of paint emulsion, oh no. This stuff is revolutionary. My first venture into the magical realm of the matte was a 2 for 1 offer on all Revlon products at Boots several months ago. "I'm only paying for one", I thought, "if I'm not keen I can always par one off on a friend".
Upon arriving home, red and nude lippies in tow, I tested them out, and it was then my life changed forever. They're the only lipsticks I use now; everything else is sub-par. Just today, I bought two new shades by Seventeen that give a nod to the natural and earthy trend (Just a Fling and Fond Farewell). If you haven't already, just give matte a try ok? It looks so sleek and feels so smooth.
Something else I'm digging at the minute is the sweet melodies of American musician St. Vincent, particularly her latest self-titled album. I was first introduced to St. Vincent by a friend just last week, when played the quirkily wonderful Surgeon and Tumblr-ific Laughing With a Mouth of Blood. Her voice has a Stevie Nicks vibe to it, and her music on a whole is the perfect mixture of chilled out cool and this-makes-me-wanna-shake-my-hips funkiness. An incredibly underrated artist, give her a listen.

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