Respect in the Workplace

A good friend of mine was today reduced to tears after her boss dropped the authority bomb and tried putting her in her place. Her crime? Asking for her shift back, her shift that said boss gave to someone else without  consulting her.

Firstly, this boss doesn't even manage the rotas - he deals with the practical side of proceedings. So giving her shift away should a) not have been his decision to make and b) not have concerned him that she, a part-timer, wanted it more than the full-timer he gave it away to.

Secondly, there doesn't seem to be a single staff member at the business in question who hasn't complained about the boss. From what I've heard, the main issue is his overblown sense of self-worth and constant need to blow his own trumpet as a means of determining his authority and belittling all of his employees. The ever-growing list of quitters and well-documented unhappiness dwelling within the staff force should ring alarm bells and be enough of a catalyst for change, but no. For some employers the need for greed is overbearing and profit is prioritised over staff satisfaction and well-being. He is one of these employers.

In my experience, business owners are switched-on and considerate folk who abide by the law and care for their employees fundamental rights and feelings. I have never met a business owner like the one in question, who seems to run a business for the sake of stamping his authority on every aspect possible and simultaneously stamping on the confidence of his employees.

Remember, it is within your right as an employee to say when you want to work. It is also within your right to be spoken to with respect and be treated as a grown adult, not an infant in detention. If you ever feel intimidated, don't stand for it. Don't.

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