Mooch Vintage

Mooch Vintage isn't exactly new. Reopened last Friday in a bigger store on Division Street, Mooch is the modern epitome of vintage cool; everything from the clothes to the decor and the music is the perfect combination of laid-back simplicity and an exciting juxtaposition of the old and the contemporary. The prices are nothing short of gob-smacking. The Levi's jacket I ooed and arred over for almost 15 minutes before finally succumbing and buying cost £25. 
£25. For a Levi's jacket. Madness.
They have a superb selection of fur jackets, both real and fake, costing on average £40. Plus, they get new stock in every Friday, except next week when they're having a "double whammy" and new stock arrives Saturday too (the owner was excessively excited to tell me this).

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