Johnny Marr//The Leadmill, Sheffield

To celebrate The Leadmill's 35th birthday on Friday, the legend that is Johnny f*cking Marr graced the good people of Sheffield with his presence to play a packed out gig. Interweaving solo material with the brooding classics of The Smith's (Panic, There is a Light, How Soon Is Now... the mere thought that I've seen a Smith's song performed by an actual Smith's member makes me tear up), Marr had the audience wrapped around his little finger and the gig was a potpourri of nostalgic kids of the 80's and the latter's offspring, who, like me, have been raised with the mind-blowing talents of Johnny Marr bellowing through our laptops.

Several people I spoke to before and after the gig expressed the significant influence Marr had on their musical tastes, many of whom took up guitar playing because of Marr's unrivaled riffs on anthems like How Soon Is Now. However, it seemed like the majority of people in attendance were there purely for witnessing The Smith's songs performed live rather than Marr's solo stuff, because the mood changed dramatically as soon as those famous notes emitted from the speakers.

Marr himself seemed to enjoy the audience's commitment and the intimacy of playing a small venue like The Leadmill, commenting on how good it was to be back in Sheffield, taking the piss out of the Yorkshire accent (banter on point) and sharing anecdotes of his youth.

Not as life-changingly hardcore as Royal Blood, but it was a sensational gig, and one that I don't think I'll ever fully recover from.

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