Style and What Not

 I wore a dress for the first time in months recently, but it felt too girly for my normal tastes so had to rough the look up a bit with a denim jacket. Still, this dress by River Island is a beautiful silky material with a great floral print, albeit being slightly see-through.
 My new leather jacket is everything I could ever dream of. It's soft but not thin, 
it's the perfect length, and it's black with enough zips and pockets. H&M.
 The John Lewis art and mirror section is where it's at // my room is becoming
progressively more cluttered but in my own obsessively organised way...
The ninth issue of Cereal came through the post yesterday, and it is nothing 
short of beautiful. It's changed from quarterly to biannual, but this adds 
to the appeal and allure of the magazine rather than hinders it, 
plus each issue is now bigger and includes more fashion and more travel. Win.

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