What a Bunch of Kunst

Kunst (meaning 'art' in Norwegian) is the annual fundraiser for the Sheffield Hallam art degree students. The night is planned and organised by the students themselves, and last night at Theatre Deli proved to be a huge success, with one lecturer saying it was the best Kunst she's been to in the event's nine-year run.

I know how much elbow grease these students put into organising the event, because I'm good friends with several of them. And it paid off - the guests loved the stalls such as Henna tattooing and vintage clothing, it raised the profile of the course and the work the students do, and they raised almost £1,900 in total.

Events like Kunst are a rarity, but they are vital for the survival of art and creative courses because they are the most expensive to maintain (the students have to supply pretty much everything themselves, such as film for cameras and developing the photos they take). Often people snub the art and creative courses for being so spontaneous and limited in the paths it can take students, some even saying art is in danger of dying out because society is so wrapped up in selfies and Photoshop. This only anchors how important things like Kunst are in providing the materials that will enable up and coming artists to flourish and bless the world with thought-provoking, enjoyable and beautiful imagery and art.

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