Wolf Alice//The Leadmill, Sheffield

Probably joint first with Royal Blood in my list of outstanding bands to see live and gigs I've been to, Wolf Alice surpassed all my expectations and I feel like I came out of the gig a different person.

The support acts (Crows and Magic Gang) were appropriately cool warm ups, the lead singer of Crows leaping over the barrier and jamming with the crowd on more than one occasion. Plus Courtney Barnett's new album was played constantly throughout the intervals, which was lovely.

We were in the middle of the crowd, right at the front. I normally stand at the front, but more to the side so I don't get punched in the face during a mosh or hyperventilate because I can't move or breath. But I'm so glad we stood where we did, because it. Was. Immense.

The whole show was nothing short of absolute carnage: we were pushed to the floor pretty much as soon as Wolf Alice came out and started playing, I lost an earring, there was a mosh pit the size of the venue during new song Giant Peach, there was mosh pits to the slow and chilled out songs, Eoin Loveless from Drenge joined the band for the last song (Moaning Lisa Smile) and everyone - including myself - just lost it, Ellie came up to the barrier and gripped my friend's hand and he hasn't washed it since.

All in all it was a veritable mosh-fest fueled by rock, roll, cider, sweat and sheer awe at the magnificence of this band. 

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