In case you weren't aware/haven't heard/don't live in Britain, the leaders of Britain's main political parties went head to head in a live debate on Thursday night. UKIP's Nigel Farage was there, in all his pin-stripe suit/polka dot tie/waxy complexion glory, proving that he and his party have no real policies or goals aside from deporting people who weren't born in this country, even going as far as to disgracefully claim that foreign HIV sufferers living in Britain don't really deserve treatment. What he and his party stand is not just white British supremacy (though that is at the forefront of their argument) but also patriarchal to an unfathomable degree of pathetic and primitive.

As far as we still have to go with regards to equality and breaking the glass ceiling, as much as we still have to do with regards to equal pay and fair representation, and as hard as it is to achieve the basic human rights we deserve, it cannot be disputed that the social standing of women has come leaps and bounds in the last 50 or so years. But people like Nigel Farage are the physical embodiment of what is wrong with Western culture and the society that we currently live in. He is a pioneer of manipulating perceptions to get confused people to believe that a particular group of people are entitled to more, simply because of their sex, class and ethnic origin.

Nigel Farage and other UKIP MP's have previously said that the notion of working mother's is "lunacy", that sexual and racial discrimination should be legalised, that rape is "always wrong but not always equally culpable" (Roger Helmer), that only bitter middle class women are feminists (Godfrey Bloom), that women "don't have the ambition to get to the top" (Stuart Angew) and that women should avoid wearing trousers so that their partners will find them more sexually attractive (Demetri Marchessini).

The comments on various forums regarding UKIP are just as alarming. One user picks up on Farage's millionaire status by the age of 30 and condemns anyone who calls him 'intellectually challenged' because of his distorted and downright sickening view of the world. So, to some, being a wealthy politician is more important than being a genuinely understanding, switched on, aware, considerate politician that can help this country grow rather than ossify all our achievements and send us back to the stone age.

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