Humbugs in the Wind: A Chat with Ryan Young

I've had the pleasure of knowing Sheffield based rockabilly swinger Ryan Young for over a year now, so I've been able to see his music career kick off first hand. Various shows up and down the country led him over the Chanel where he played several gigs across Europe, and as sure as one precedes two, bigger things were to come from thereon. He's currently in the thick of recording his debut album, Troubadour, due to be released late June.

Sipping coffee and G&T's in quintessentially confusing Northern weather (wearing shades in bitter winds, clear skies one minute, rain clouds the next) he tells me the album is a hip-shaking infusion of country and rock, containing only one "soppy" song in favour of heavier, sexier stuff.

Instrumentally, he's influenced by The Black Keys and Jake Bugg; lyrically he looks to the people and places around him for inspiration, visualising himself to be in certain scenarios: "I'll just sit and watch and draw from what other people are doing, so sometimes I'd fantasize about a dream woman in my life who's maybe dark and my kind of girl, but I've just not met her yet... I just know she's there."

Following the album's release, he and his band of musical wizards will be swooning on stage in York (where the album is being recorded) and around Sheffield, with a special appearance at The Riverside for Tramlines.

Until then, if you haven't heard him rip George Ezra a new one with his cover of Budapest, firstly, why not? And secondly, treat yourself and watch it here:

He assures me the album will be "14 songs of fashionable rock and roll." 

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