"It's shit, bruh, basically": A Student Nurse's View of the Tory Government

Much to the disgust and devastation of thousands up and down the country, the Conservative party won a landslide majority in the election last week, and their plans for reshaping the country will undoubtedly cause even further devastation. David Cameron and his bourgeois battalion want to cut the welfare budget by £12bn, repeal the fox hunting ban because he is a "strong supporter of country sports" and reduce the NHS staff force even further.

The NHS has been under threat for some time, but is now at its most vulnerable state ever. Large proportions of the public have given up hope for the NHS because the likelihood of privatisation is pretty much definite under the Tory government; other's, however, aren't prepared to take this shit lightly and are willing to fight for this vital institution. I spoke to my sister, a first year student nurse, about the looming austerity and uncertainty.

"I'm worried that with more cuts it's going to be more difficult for me to get a job that, initially, was pretty much guaranteed after three years of long and hard training."

"I'm also worried that when I qualify the strain of under-staffing and lack of resources will be more apparent than what it is for me now as student nurse, where we get the responsibility of carrying a huge workload, more than we should, just because the service is under-staffed."

"David Cameron says the NHS is going to be 'free at the point of use', but I don't believe him because if he's trying to privatise it slowly then his idea of 'free at the point of use' by the end of the next five years is going to be very different to what it is now. The past five years already saw huge cuts and ever edging to privatisation under the Tory and LibDem coalition, and obviously I'm against this and believe with other cuts Mr Cameron is making, surely he could put this back into the NHS."

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