Letters from the Bathroom Mirror

As I was leaving work on Wednesday night, I noticed this little unassuming booklet tucked away behind some napkins. 'Letters from the Bathroom Mirror' is a short collection of pick-me-ups and words to make you feel good about yourself, or "messages of love and support from that piece of glass above your sink!" as the back page says.
The artist is called Catherine Fredward, and I don't know how or why the booklet found its way into where I work but I now carry it round with me wherever I go, because it makes me smile just seeing the front page. 
Other messages include "Good Morning! You are going to smash this job interview! Then you can treat yourself to that DVD you've been wanting!" and "Yo! You might have had one too many to drink last night... Have some water and you'll be fine!"
It just goes to show that it can take something as small as a few scribbles on a folded up piece of paper to brighten someone's day.

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