Peddler, Sheffield

Peddler is a bi-monthly night market in Sheffield city center's Cultural Industry Quarter that blesses the good people of this great city with live music, fabulous street food, damn fine drinks and ace local artwork. Tonight was my first experience of Peddler, and despite the bitterly cold weather (what else did I expect from the North though, really) I had a great time mingling among artists, photographers, food and beverage connoisseurs and people who just love attending events that are cool and a bit different, like me.

Most of the market takes place on Arundel Street, but it also feeds into 156 Arundel Street, which was once an industrial building, then a general venue hire, and is now home to The Depot Bakery and an art space. It's the kind of place Tumblr users go fanatic for, it's beautiful. Like, flower baskets and fairy lights hanging from the ceiling and rustic, crumbling white wash walls kind of beautiful.

Peddler is continues tomorrow evening and partially Sunday morning, and the next market will be in July.
 Sadu Men artwork by Alex Ekins
(Right) I saw this piece and loved the light blue tone and the pattern before
I even noticed the two people humping in the middle. I bought it, and it's a 
fabulous addition to my bedroom

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