Waxahatchee//The Harley, Sheffield

I'm going to be honest and say I'd never heard of Waxahatchee when I was asked to go see the band live last night. In hindsight, I wish I'd done my research: female lead (Katie Crutchfield), female lead's sister (Alison Crutchfield), female bassist, male guitarist and male drummer. We see sun in the north of Britain more than we see this kind of female:male ratio in lo-fi/indie bands.

The main support band was Pennsylvanian two piece Pinkwash, who I'm predicting (and hoping) to be the next Royal Blood. I'm very rarely mesmerized by a band's onstage presence, and haven't seen a memorable support act since Crows at Wolf Alice. But these floppy haired, surprisingly timid and softly spoken pair of sweaty grunge rockers had me gripped. Their six track debut album, Your Cure Your Soil, is available now. Treat yourself, escape from the homogeneous Top 40 charts and listen to Pinkwash, but only if you're ready to have your mind blown to fuck.

Waxahatchee are almost completely different to Pinkwash in every imaginable way, expect they share the same drummer. With three acclaimed albums under their belt, they're a delightful midpoint between Courtney Barnett, Laura Marling and Fleet Foxes: DIY folk, reflective and personal lyrics teamed with vocals that give you goosebumps (I spotted a guy in the audience actually wipe away a tear during an acoustic solo) and a muted brilliance anchored by a perfectly disorganised set; the band natter charmingly among themselves inbetween songs, seemingly forgetting they're playing in front of a transfixed crowd and not rehearsing in a garage back in Alabama but relishing every minute anyway.

The intimacy of their music and attitude is ideal for a small venue like The Harley, because the fans are so close you can basically lark about on stage with them if you wanted. Someone shouted "YOU GUYS ROCK!" during an interval, encouraging a coy smile and "Thank you!" from Katie Crutchfield. A sweet moment for everyone in attendance.

Watch out for Waxahatchee, they're going to be big.

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