London Part II

London is perhaps the most intimidating, rugged old bastard I've ever known. There's an eerie and suffocating aura that boosts your desire to scream at any innocent stranger that looks you in the eye. Tall whitewashed buildings with intricately decorated gates and beautiful stone carvings are a typical sight, but they're cold and soulless, no signs of intimacy or vitality. Emergency sirens split the humdrum of voices on average every fifteen minutes, the homeless community flee the area as soon as the trot of police horse hoofs can be heard in the far distance.

The Natural History Museum is a breathtaking gargantuan structure, the physical details of the building as interesting and captivating as the precious relics on display in its many exhibitions. Being the school holidays, however, it was so uncomfortably full (at least ten minutes queuing outside and further queues into exhibitions inside, such as the dinosaurs) and humid I could taste the stagnant perspiration in the air. An hour is not enough time to properly look around two of the smaller rooms, never mind the whole place, and the experience is hindered by the swarms of people coming at you like spider monkeys from every possible direction. You become painfully aware of how small and insignificant your existence is in the grand scheme of things when you're in the midst of hundreds of people doing, seeing and thinking the same thing as you, at the same time and breathing the same air.

Touching on a comment made in yesterday's post regarding drivers giving little or no shits about those around them, today a bus driver pulled out at the cab my family and I were travelling in, was mere centimeters from crashing into us, and left such a measly space for the cab to maneuver through the two vehicles scraped together and the cab was subsequently scratched with red paint. This bus driver did not give a flying fuck that he nearly killed four people, or that he was blocking a whole section of the Strand. It's official - London drivers are the most merciless mother funkers in the country.
 Neal's Yard//Covent Garden
 The Natural History Museum
Interior details in the Natural History Museum <3333
 Queued for 20 minutes to see some dinosaur skeletons and fossils. Worth it? Worth it.
Rhinos and elephants at the Natural History Museum

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