Chella Quint's 'Adventures in Menstruating' @ Edinburgh Fringe

Looking for a bloody good time? Interested in a comic, enlightening journey on the crimson tide? This month, science comedian Chella Quint is taking her extremely popular Adventures in Menstruating show to Edinburgh Fringe, her debut at the much-loved festival.

But why take a stand up show about periods to a mainstream comedy festival? 
Because why not educate the masses about a notoriously taboo subject through the medium of stand-up? Do not be afraid! No real or fake blood is shed in the duration of this show. For menstruators and non-menstruators, men and women, adults and children - all are welcome and encouraged to laugh, learn and sing along with Chella's menses musical musings.

Originally a zine started ten years ago, Chella's Adventures in Menstruating inspired her research of the dodgy discourse used to market menstrual products, the harmful impact of lackluster menstrual education and the importance of including different ages, genders, cultures, abilities and sexualities in a detailed education relevant for modern menstruators. The latter is a core doctrine of Chella's #periodpositive campaign; 'menstruators' rather than exclusively women, inclusive of transgender, gender queer and intersex bleeders too.

Chella says period positive is: "a state of mind, which is that you don't care about talking about periods. They can be terrible, they can be wonderful - you are willing to talk openly about reproductive health to anyone as necessary. You don't have to be writing on billboards, you just need to not be shy if it comes up, or bring it up yourself if you want to!".
It means to be confident and comfortable with talking about all things menstrual, understanding that periods differ from person to person but that charting the cycle is helpful, actively avoiding the shaming of menstruators but maintaining a positive, healthy attitude and ensuring menstruators aren't joke fodder.

Adventures in Menstruating began on 8 August and will run to 28 August (except 12, 14, 17 and 25) 19.30-20.20 and is free to attend at The Stafford Centre, Edinburgh.

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