Iris Apfel is the free spirited 93 year old fashion maverick whose zest for life has garnered adoring fans of all ages and tastes - including Kanye West. The new documentary, simply called Iris, directed by the late Albert Maysles, charts Apfel's rise to fame in the fashion industry, shows her downtime in the New York homes she shares with her husband of 67 years and follows her hectic schedule to catwalk shows, photoshoots and gallery exhibitions organised in her honour.

Iris Apfel is no ordinary fashion sweetheart. She evidently does not follow or care for any of the normative 'rules' set out by the experts - she's honest and frank about her nonchalant attitude, detailing she sees no point making any rules because she'd just be breaking them. Despite the respect and attention she receives for her flamboyant sense of style, Apfel continues to be grounded by her long and happy marriage, her restless yet appreciative work ethic and a genuine enthusiasm for fashion, art and life.

Maysles celebrates the nonagenarian socialite's influence on the arts scene by interviewing designers, photographers, friends and family. We're reminded of her tenacity and reluctance to let her age restrict her when she confesses to a recent hip operation and concerns for her frail health. It's not a perfect documentary by any means: the boom is clearly visible in one scene and the camerawork occasionally shaky. But that's not important. What is important is that we can all learn a little something from Iris Apfel, about appreciation for life, saying 'yes' to exciting opportunities while you have the chance and relishing every waking minute.

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