Drenge + Wolf Alice//Plug, Sheffield

Two of the most popular indie/rock bands of the moment (and another support band that I'd never heard of) under one roof. The last time I saw Wolf Alice was back in March at The Leadmill, a more appropriate venue in comparison to Plug which is famously dance and pop focused, and I missed out on attending Drenge's sold out show at The Leadmill in April. That was before Wolf Alice's debut album, My Love is Cool, was released, but this by no means stopped it being an unforgettably sweaty and chaotic gig. There's been a lot of hype around this four-piece juggernaut since they released their first single Fluffy two years ago, and their relentless touring and festival appearances really caused a stir in the music scene.

I was surprised when Drenge were announced as the lead support, because they've got two albums under their belt now and are equally as big as Wolf Alice, especially in Sheffield, where they're based. And the crowd loved 'em, moshing and swaying to bangers like Nothing, Backwaters and Fuckabout, which Eoin Loveless admitted was weird to be heard sung back to him by adoring strangers because he wrote it when he was naked. It was particularly enjoyable for me, because not only did I miss them at Leeds Fest last year, this year and at Leadmill, but also because I've served the boys at work so many times and so know them as taco fans as well as talented musicians.

Wolf Alice were as spectacular as ever, accessorizing their cool and casual style with glittered faces and generally fucking shit up with the immensity of their greatness. This was a particularly special performance because it was drummer Joel's birthday, so the venue staff brought out cake (not for us though, sob) and the crowd ferociously yelled 'Happy Birthday' at him. Bros is always a beautiful performance because it's such a personal but warm song, and new tracks such as Swallowtail, sung by Joel instead of lead singer Ellie, were equally as fun to witness. It might be the passion of the audience, or perhaps just the nature of the band, but Wolf Alice make you as a crowd member feel like you're a part of something special, that yeah, you've screamed the lyrics so hard you'll have a sore throat for the remainder of the week, but boy was it worth it.
Wolf Alice

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