Villoid: Yes Please, All of That

Alexa Chung's new style app is basically a revamped version of ASOS Fashion Finder, but bigger and better and easier to navigate and more popular because it's an Alexa Chung product and that's all the marketing you need to make a business venture successful. Bonus: it's free. And I'm obsessed.

Think of it as part Pinterest, part Instagram: users create style boards of looks they're into using the clothes, accessories and beauty products already available on the app, and/or can upload their own photos to accentuate the board. You can also click on products you like to be redirected to the affiliated website to buy there and then. 

It's also an ace opportunity to see what the big names in the fashion world are digging, particularly Alexa, who've I've been watching like a hawk since signing up. It turns out they're mostly into the trend-setting super-brands like Balmain and Yves Saint Laurent, the powerhouses of fashion that are way out of budget for us mere mortals (though the app does promote the latest sales very well) but luckily high street names like H&M and ASOS are featured on the app to provide more reasonably priced alternatives.

It's fun, free(ish) fashion at your fingertips. Good work, AC and co.

Here are some of my boards:

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