As this week draws to a close, we should all reflect on the detriment of the massacres that have plagued us and understand that this is an issue much bigger than you or me, the West or the East. Terrorism is a global threat; we need to stop generalising and degrading Islam to be a pejorative because we're too stubborn to even try and understand their doctrines, and start establishing allegiance between nations rather than trying to dominate through wars and oppression. I am tired of reading Tweets, statuses and media reports that separate people as if different races/religions etc are a whole new species, because ultimately, we are all made of the same meat, skin and bone.

I didn't change my Facebook profile picture to the French flag for a day because I'm European and so care more for terrorist attacks in Europe to those in the Middle East, for example. That would discriminatory and insensitive to those enduring far more severe attacks in foreign continents. I changed it because, for me, it stood for something more than just solidarity with France in the wake of the shootings and explosions in Paris; it stood for solidarity with everyone that sympathises and/or empathises with the Parisians this weekend, with everyone who is mourning because it is fundamental to human nature to feel concern for others, to show respect for the dead and those close to them. It's horrors like Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad that cause us to open our eyes wider than the parameters of our personal bubbles, but also reveal alarming, often dangerous rifts and disagreements in attitudes and ideologies.

This week brought attention to a minority of humans devoid of humanity - not just the terrorists who've caused mass distress and discomfort, but those who have unfairly scapegoated innocent refugees and adopted the philosophies of that shit stain Donald Trump without even attempting to understand the root cause of these situations. Islamic State have claimed responsibility for all of the attacks this week - they were not random, and they did this to unsettle us, to rattle our cages. I'm glad to see the reaction to the attacks this week has not exacerbated the Islamaphobia seen in the aftermath of 9/11, but already a mosque in Canada has been burned down and a petition to close our borders to stop immigrants entering the country has garnered more than 300,000 signatures - this reaction is too quick to be at all sensible, and could potentially increase tensions that are already incredibly fragile.

My sincerest respects to all those killed or injured this week. I hope your legacies are not tarnished by more atrocities.

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