I Love Weekly Discoveries

Spotify launched its Discover Weekly feature for its Premium users back in July this year, which automatically creates a fresh new playlist at the start of every week, curated just for you. Your Discover Weekly is a two hour mix-tape of 30 tracks that Spotify reckons are similar to the music you've shown an interest in before. And usually, the results are wonderful.

Spotify has a knack for reminding me of the absolute tunes I once listened to obsessively but have moved on from and forgotten about since. I've come to rely on my Discover Weekly playlist as a valuable source to hunt for new material, underrated or up-and-coming artists like Diiv and JAWS, B-sides and even some old classics. One particularly drab week was made all the more brighter because John Cooper Clarke's I Wanna Be Yours was the outro track. Another introduced me to Torre Florim's mesmeric trippy version of Firestarter

I know Spotify like to promote certain new material more than others, because often my playlist includes a song that featured in a friend's last week, and vice versa. Ezra Furman's My Zero has been included in my playlists three times now, and I didn't even listen to it extensively the first time round. And Radiohead - how did they work that one out? Thanks, but no thanks.

But I am secretly hoping they treat their loyal subscribers to a Christmas playlist. I'd like to move away from Mariah and Noddy Holder this year.

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