Things That Happen on Public Transport That Just Wouldn't Happen Anywhere Else

Courtesy of the good and sometimes bad people of Sheffield. Comments on the nature of humans in general.

           An old man telling me that I should smile more because I looked very sad. I was on my way to college (an hour journey from where I lived) at the time; I was in no mood to be smiling but appreciated the sentiment nonetheless.

           A very drunk man passing out. Like, completely off his box. The bus driver phoned the police to aid the removal of the dosing man from the vehicle so he (and we the passengers) could continue with the journey home. The police arrived, tapped him several times, tugged his clothes several times, and then due to insufficient response from the drunkard, physically lifted him from his seat and took him away.

           Police also being called to collect a young man who was rude to the bus driver, had an argument with said bus driver about his attitude, then proceeded to sit down. The driver refused to move until the guy got off, and, because he put his earphones in and pretended like everything was fine and dandy, the driver phoned the police, who then escorted him off the bus.

           A double-decker bus getting egged. In 2015. Not on Halloween either. I don't know who was the culprit, but it was on a street densely populated by students, so I'm not ruling out the possibility of this being the work of someone very pissed up. On a Sunday evening, no less.

           Sitting in a spare seat next to a stranger. Think about it. Nobody does this at coffee shops, for example - we continue to circle the place in the hope that someone will notice our despair and vacate their seat for us, or just leave - and only when truly necessary do we make this much effort for a seat at the library.

           Genuine discomfort and upset when someone sits on the middle seat at the back of the bus. We don't get mad when someone sits in the middle seat of the middle row at the cinema, we just sit in a different place or say "sorry, can I squeeze past you?" if we want to sit on that row too. But back-seaters are a pain in the arse, particularly when they cross their legs or put their feet up and block the entire back row as much as physically possible.

           SIDE NOTE: Why do people take selfies on the back of moving buses? I'm all for self-loving but surely that could wait until you've arrived to a cleaner, nicer and stationary location?

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