Words from 2015 That Should Be Left in 2015

Language evolves. It's relative. It changes as the society it dwells in changes. But this year has spawned some truly awful colloquial terms and phrases that shouldn't be allowed access into the new year with us. 

Please note the absence of 'bae' from this list; I personally feel that 'bae' is here for the long haul and is so incorporated into common discourse it will eventually overtake 'babe' and the latter will become obsolete.

Verb: to be supportive of another's romantic endeavor. Noun: a relationship. Context required for total understanding. Or not, because we should all stop saying this.

As in, to have been 'wrecked' by an opponent, usually in gaming or competitions. JUST SAY WRECKED DAMMIT.

On Fleek
As in, looking fine. Commonly used in relation to eyebrows or as a hashtag in selfies.

As in, to be absolutely shit faced drunk, or when referring to an event, to be good fun.

Similar to turnt, to be 'lit' is to be incredibly intoxicated.

Netflix and Chill
As in, "wanna come round to my place and bang but pretend like we're just going to hang out and watch a movie?" The phrase is now synonyms with booty calls/spontaneous hook ups, but in 2016 maybe we should just be open about sex rather than being childishly deceptive about it?

As in, to make progress, usually physically via hard work at the gym. And always with a 'z' rather than an 's'. 


As in, the male equivalent of a 'mum-bod', as in someone slightly out of shape who belongs in the typical child-rearing age group. Though not ripped like typical beauty standards require, those with a 'dad-bod' are usually deemed attractive and desirable. Leonardo Di Caprio has been lumped into this category. Initially intended as a back-handed compliment, but is actually kind of offensive.

Unclear on the spelling, but that's how it's pronounced. As in a 'pussy', as in 'a vagina', a derogatory term for 'a female' or someone who's acting a bit of a whimp.

And some words that can stay:
Yas [sometimes seen with added 'a's for emphasis]
AF [As Fuck]

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