RIP Bowie

Tragedy doesn't cut it. A great icon, rock star, musician, lyricist, maverick; a great man was prematurely taken from us yesterday. He could be anyone he wanted to be and he knew it, so he did just that - be. He lived many lives under many pseudonyms, achieving many things and changing the modern world as we know it, just by being David Bowie. No other artist in history has compared, nor will any artist ever compare.

There are cliches like "gone but never forgotten" and then there are truths like David Bowie lives on in all of us - in the music we listen to, the fashions we admire and the principles we aspire to. He single handedly changed beauty standards. He was equally loved as an actor as well as a music legend. We have so much to thank him for.

Only a few days ago we were celebrating his 69th birthday and eagerly awaiting the arrival of new album Blackstar, all the while he was silently and selflessly suffering a terrible and sadly all too common disease. Heroes never die. Heroes live forever.

I'm going to close this with the perfectly worded comments from Channel 4 News's Jon Snow: "Bowie wasn't just a rock singer. He was a breed apart. He was an incredible creative life force... You know, for my generation - I thought he was ours, I thought he was our generation's rock star - but he wasnt, he was all generation's. 

"Everybody, it seems, is affected by his death. But for me, he was rebellion, revolution... he was revolutionary 'til the end. Most revolutionary in keeping himself away from the media spotlight, and yet being within it... He just delivered. He delivered what he created. He was a real life force."

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