10 Feminist Heroes for International Women's Day 2016

  1. Malala Yousafzai The youngest ever Nobel Peace laureate, 18 year old Malala overcame a gunshot to the head to become a global champion for the right to education, particularly for disadvantaged girls.
  2. Emma Watson Arguably the voice of modern feminism, Watson's #HeForShe UN campaign succeeds in straightening out the confusion that feminism is exclusive to women and therefore equals misandry. She's also taking a year out of acting to focus on gender activism and expanding the #HeForShe campaign.
  3. Amandla Stenberg
  4.  Boom.
  5. Beyonce Let's be honest, no list about inspirational women would be complete without the Queen Bey herself. She single-handedly shook up the paradigms of modern music and blessed us with hits like Flawless that have become the defining power ballads for many women across the globe.
  6. Jennifer Lawrence Her Lenny letter brought widespread attention to the gender pay gap rife in Hollywood (When the Sony hack happened and I found out how much less I was being paid than the lucky people with dicks, I didn't get mad at Sony. I got mad at myself. I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early"), and she continues to portray strong as hell female characters in a male dominated industry.
  7. Caitlin Moran How To Be A Woman and basically anything else that Moran says and/or writes is pure gold. She has no time for the archaic view that feminists can't dress sexy, that feminists want to compete with men to prove women are superior, and that feminists shouldn't bitch about other women. And remember, "Being a feminist isn't like the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme." 
  8. Roxane Gay Bad Feminist changed my life. She proves you can be a feminist while contradicting the 'ideals' of feminist ideology through her brutal frankness, covering the harsh truths of being a Haitian-American woman should be the cornerstone for every woman busting their ass off to achieve their goals.
  9. Yoko Ono Her essay The Feminization of Society provided an invaluable foundation for the feminist movement during the '70s. She also uses the concept of gender in her artwork, such as 1965's 'Cut Piece' in she sat still on a stage and invited her audience to cut away pieces of her dress with scissors until it was merely a rag.
  10. Diane Von Furstenberg She built her entire fashion empire under the premise of female empowerment, and has also launched The DVF Awards to celebrate women's achievements throughout the world. In her own words, "Proud to be woman!"
  11. Lena Dunham Unapologetically outspoken about every gender issue there is, from #FreeTheNipple to Ke$ha, Dunham is breaking new ground and tackling taboos left, right and centre. Girls is this generation's Sex and the City, except more uncomfortably relatable and, well, real.
Not forgetting the pioneers such as Emmeline Pankhurst, Marie Curie, Coco Chanel, Rosa Parks, bell hooks, Gloria Steinem, Frida Kahlo...

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