Children's Search Engine Kiddle Thinks Words Such as 'Transgender' and 'Menstruation' Are Bad

Kiddle promises to be the "child-friendly search engine" that will provide a safe platform for young people to browse the web without encountering explicit or potentially dangerous material - the 'adult' content that pops up here, there and everywhere.

Kiddle, filtered by Google safe search, is still in its embryonic stages. But what is alarming, and quite frankly disturbing, is that it is shielding all searches of terms relating to puberty and sexuality: "menstruation", "ovary" and even "puberty" itself. Type in these words and Kiddle will block them as "bad word(s)".
This has generated quite the backlash on Twitter, where people experimented with different words and phrases and were similarly blocked by the search engine. 
Period Positive founder Chella Quint has issued a request to Kiddle that they improve the quality of their filters, pointing out that children benefit from learning the ins and outs of puberty before it hits and that censoring key terms may hinder their confidence to talk about matters of menstruation and puberty in public.
Let's see if they respond and put this right.

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