Perks of Living Alone

There's a general consensus that students should live in halls for their first year, then in a house or flat with friends thereafter until they graduate. I study in the same city where I was born and raised, but chose not to live in halls because the idea of sharing a living space with strangers that I may hate absolutely terrified me. Plus, halls are extortionately pricey for a small box room and a plumbing system that doesn't function properly. 

So, I lived at home for the first six months of my degree then moved into an inherited house with my sister and two other people. I lived there for a year, then decided to take the leap go Lone Ranger. I've never looked back, because there are benefits to living alone that just don't exist when you cohabit:
  1. Nudity. I can wear as much or as little as I want, when I want. This usually depends on the heating situation in the flat (which in my case, is somewhat sporadic) but one of the biggest perks to living alone in my experience thus far is the freedom to bare all without criticism and dispute.
  2. Selfishness. There's nobody around to piss you off with their bad habits. Don't get me wrong, having housemates is fun when you're all in a good mood and there's stuff to talk about/do, but sometimes your co-habitors get in the way and cause unwarranted mess or distraction. Living by yourself removes that risk.
  3. Food. I can eat and drink anything I damn please at any time of the day and there is no-one around to stop me or cast unwanted judgement on my life choices. Not that this was ever really been a major problem before, but if you live with your parents, for example, there's an ever present scrutiny of your dietary decisions. But now I'm free to have cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (which I frequently do) or get my shit together and cook something nourishing (a work in progress).
  4. Privacy. Living alone isn't constitutive of loneliness. Some people struggle in their own company because they get bored easily and need the comfort of others around them. But if you're not in the mood for human interaction and/or contact because you've had a monumentally shitty day, going home to a place where you can wind down in peace is the perfect remedy. I like knowing that if I want or need the space to be alone, I have somewhere for that to happen - but likewise I'm not completely detached from my friends or family because they're only a phone call or a short journey away.
  5. FREEDOM. The list of things I can do on my own terms is endless: sleep duration, control of the TV, control of music, cleanliness, tidiness, mess, which scented candles to use... You get the idea. Yes, the financial burden is solely on me and it's a big responsibility that can take time to fully grasp. The solution to this is growing a pair and using your common sense to manage your budget and know your limits.

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