There's a new-ish haven of coffee mixed with creativity, sat quietly overlooking one of the busiest streets in Sheffield, basking in its own gorgeousness. ROCO is Sheffield's own creative co-operative, built for the next generation of do-ers: the artists, creators, designers and makers out there. It's taken over a row of previously empty Grade II listed Georgian town houses on Glossop Road, right by the Students Union, so you would be forgiven for thinking it a hive of activity, and the new hub for library evaders. It's not - right now, it's probably the only place (or at least the largest place) in Sheffield city centre where you can have a coffee in peace.

It has the kind of aesthetic Urban Outfitters could only dream of. A stripped back, rustic appearance decorated subtly with just the right amount of foliage and one seriously stunning bar, ROCO is so modestly pleasing, and ticks so many boxes, I struggle to find the words to adequately describe it. Even the toilets are a masterclass in minimalist interior design. I'm in love.

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