Vintage Finds

Shopping vintage is simultaneously satisfying and terrifying because you can never be quite sure what you're going to stumble across - though the fail safe pieces are over-sized Ralph Lauren shirts, disheveled Levis 501's and rugged old leather shoulder bags. I love scouring vintage shops because they provide a snapshot of past fashions, and they don't discriminate era or style. 

The vintage scene in Sheffield continues to grow in popularity, with independent stores such as Cow, Freshmans and A New Shop leading by example for relative newbies Mooch, Vulgar and Brag. Some stores mix their genres and stock retro records too; A New Shop takes this a step further and has a barbers in the back. The city hosts regular vintage and antique fairs, often in historic buildings such as the Abbeydale Picture House, a 1920's cinema currently undergoing renovations to restore its original beauty. Lou Lou's Vintage Fair has been a regular event for years, and its prominence has skyrocketed - I remember when it was a measly six stalls in a tiny off-road function room, before upgrading to Town Hall then again to its current home of the City Hall ballroom. Vintage culture is booming, and it's not slowing down.
Funky finds from Lou Lou's Vintage Fair at Sheffield City Hall, Saturday 19 March 2016. Leather holdall, £8 (!!!) and Beyond Boheme brass earpiece, £14.
A local favourite, Mooch Vintage. Silk scarf, £5 and denim shirt £15 (SCANDALOUSLY CHEAP!).

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