Top Coffee Spots in Sheffield

As it's the last day of UK Coffee Week, I thought I'd put on my Expert Hat and compile my own definitive list of the best coffee shops in the Steel City, or at least the coffee shops I frequent the most.
  1. Steam Yard: a personal favourite, Steamy built its empire on the premise of simply providing a hangout to catch up with mates over good coffee and doughnuts, an ethos they've carried with them through their steady rise popularity. They've garnered national attention as one of the country's best coffee shops, and deservedly so - come rain or shine, and no matter how busy it is, you're always greeted with a smile and, most importantly, served a top notch coffee.
  2. Ink & Water: a minimalist's dream, Ink is arguably the most stylish shop on the list. Nevertheless, their coffee is the perfect mixture of sharp and frothy, they stock a delicious array of flavoured teas (Strawberry Laces, I love ya) and they have a great loyalty scheme that you just can't say no to. Plus, there's free WiFi and plenty of plug sockets scattered around, so you're pretty much set to camp out for the day.
  3. Upshot Espresso: Quality over quantity, Upshot is one of those boutique coffee shops that serve their hot beverages in teeny tiny cups that barely fits a finger through the handle. In my opinion, this is an adequate excuse to have several in one sitting and bask in the relaxing atmosphere with a good book or friend, if you're the more social type.

    Source: @upshotespresso Instagram
  4. Tamper: The big daddy. The prestige. Tamper Coffee is taking over the city, no doubt about that. They're the role model to all the start-up businesses across the city, because they just so darn good but so nonchalant and casual about it at the same time. Disclaimer - hoping or attempting to be seated on a weekend lunch time is just folly, they are consistently slammed but the staff will always breeze through it in all their hipster glory.
  5. Rude Shipyard: A veritable haven for book lovers. Almost every wall is covered from top to bottom in some kind of vintage, leather bound novel of every genre imaginable, or quirky pictures and quaint home accessories. A real delight of an experience, and there is no better place to hide on a cold and overcast day.
  6. Forge Bakehouse: Like Upshot, Forge coffees are also agonizingly limited in portion size. Regardless, head to Forge on a sunny day and enjoy people-watching over Abbeydale Road with a tasty brew and pastry. They also bake everything fresh in-house, so it's officially the best smelling place you'll have the privilege of visiting.
  7. Roco: the youngest on the list, Roco is the ideal if you need some peace and quiet in a calming environment. The coffee itself is nothing to scream and shout about but the playlist is constantly on fire and JUST LOOK AT IT. THOSE TILES. THAT SMATTERING OF FOLIAGE. THOSE COPPER LAMPSHADES. Bravo, my friends, bravo.

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