Father John Misty @ O2 Academy Leeds

I saw the Father last November in a much smaller venue (Plug, Sheffield) and he was a veritable delight of banter and joviality all night. Not so much last night, when he played O2 Academy Leeds and was PISSED. OFF. Aside from sassing the poor roadies pretty much every time they took a breath or were in close proximity to him, y'know, to do their job, he barely said a word to the crowd all night. All we got was "everybody still alive?" after he stopped mid-song because there appeared to be a medical emergency developing at the back of the venue. Kudos to him for putting safety first, but it actually became difficult to enjoy the gig because his hostility was intoxicating the room and emitting an awkwardness that is completely out of character for him. 

Regardless, the man is a genius, he sounded great and he boogies his way around the stage like an world class modern dandy. Plus, not only did he throw himself into the crowd before leaving the stage for the encore, and I swear we locked eyes for, like, an eternity, but he performed his infamous cover of Nine Inch Nails' Closer and at least five elderly couples walked out shaking their heads in disapproval. I hope you're ok, J.T. Love ya x

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