Feminist Fashion

Femi-shion? Fash-inism? It's a title yet to be confirmed, but feminism's place in fashion, and vice versa, has been analysed then re-analysed and seems to be a constantly contested concept. But thankfully, nowadays the preconceived hostility (which I've always thought to be folly spurned by naysayers and unwarranted cynics) is passing and the two are discovering their compatibility and forming a union, thanks to several designers and trailblazers. Feminism has a place in fashion because it has a place in every aspect of life that transmits a message of inclusivity and equality - take these, for example:

Chanel catwalk, ss 2015, Paris Fashion Week.
Source: eonline.com
Zachary Robinson of Swim Deep.
Benedict Cumberbatch for Elle magazine's feminism issue // Reformation
Source: elleuk.com // VILLOID
Topshop's Lady Garden campaign // Project Social T

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