Steven Claydon at Moore Street Substation

Claydon's installation for the biennial festival Art Sheffield, called Infra-idol Assembly, aimed to challenge the “optimism of the machine age and the possible existential threat that engenders” through an exploration of energy, mass and atoms.

He drew inspiration from the very building it was to be displayed in - the Moore Street electricity substation, a Grade II listed building constructed in the 1960's, more famous nowadays for it's external gradient illuminations at night. The top floor space which housed Claydon’s work has never been used, so the two and a half week exhibition was the first time the public have been allowed access.
Moore Street electricity substation
Claydon used footage samples from IMB's A Boy and his Atom, and reverberated the sound from a plate positioned in the middle of the room, made specially from Sheffield steel

Silver Screen Substation Silhouette

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