Suicide Squad


Remember that farcical 2015 reboot of Fantastic Four? Remember all those terrible movies you've sat through despite wanting to gouge your eyes out with a toothpick? Well this is worse. Much worse. After months of ardent anticipation, Suicide Squad has finally landed as two hours and ten minutes of utter shite that just goes to show that no matter how many millions of dollars Hollywood pummels into a project based on a promising concept beloved by many comic book readers worldwide, Hollywood will still display alarming nonchalance to turning that project into a heaving pile trash.

Aside from its hogwash of almost every significant top ten hit from the past 20 years, Suicide Squad is a film of sickening arrogance that thinks it's a lot better than it actually is. The 'squad' are notorious outlaws, the scourge of Gotham's criminal circle, thrown together to - you guessed it - save the world from imminent ruin. We see a glimmer of their backstories, we see them fighting weird alien things, but what we don't see is any kind of attempt to resemble who the characters really are. It's such a shambolic montage of cataclysmic storytelling that even Will Smith's custom charm can't save it.

Jared Leto discredits the legendary status of the Joker character, and it's obvious why such a large chunk of his scenes were cut to a measly 15 minutes of screen time. Shoehorned in for kudos, he is, essentially, pointless in the context of the narrative, however flawed and pitiful it may be. The Joker is an infamously sadistic super-villain, an undisputed maniac only the most committed of actors can pull off, but Leto's portrayal is a caricature gone too far. It's as if the honour of the DC legacy and fan commitment is a directorial plaything rather than a comic book juggernaut with 82 years of iconic entertainment behind it.

The only redeeming factor is that it could've been, and almost was, a lot longer, meaning that we poor souls that had to endure what must surely be a career-ending travesty for David Ayre were actually spared the extra minutes which may have been the tipping point to justify an early exit and request for a refund. I said it after Batman vs. Superman, but it's even more apparent now: all remaining faith in reinventing DCEU for the modern audience died when Christopher Nolan rounded off The Dark Knight trilogy, and it's school-project standard films such as Suicide Squad that demote DC as the class dunce while Marvel continues to excel as the valedictorian.

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