Shooting for the sharp nonchalance of Gucci and Prada on a student budget is rough, but thankfully high streets names like H&M, Zara and ASOS are always pretty on the game.
By day, looking like your mate's weird dad that everybody likes but isn't sure why because they're a bit of a tosspot - by night, looking like a tween who's trying out their first pair of heels and is 'dressing up' accordingly. Left: jacket, River Island; shirt, New Look; jeans, Topshop / Right: shirt, H&M; denim playsuit, Glamorous; belt, vintage; shoes, ASOS.
Embroidery and motifs have moved on from varsity jackets and jerseys; stiching is everywhere at the minute, and it's wonderful. I wish I was creative enough to make my own badges and whatnot for some truly original designs. Jeans, River Island / t-shirt, Syd & Mallory.

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