Style Study: Matthew Hitt

Matthew Hitt - model, lead singer and guitarist of soft rock band Drowners, friend of Alexa Chung - is the exemplar indie boy. A tall and spindly frame almost always clad in black skinny fit jeans, softly swept but slightly scraggy hair, and a penchant for Converse and printed shirts.

Here we have him, on two separate occasions, playing the guitar by a body of water, wearing a short sleeved printed shirt, slightly unbuttoned, and Ray Ban Wayfarers. 
When Hitt sees his opportunity to twin with his friends, he takes it. Right: on the rare occasion he's not wearing an all-black ensemble, he still sticks to his primary colours and instead opted for all-white, albeit balanced with, of course, a black leather belt.
Ultimately, MH's style is characterised by its simplicity. Give him a tailored jacket and shirt (accessorised, again, with shades and a cigarette, doing nothing to dispel the consensus that smoking is cool) and he looks like he's come straight off a 1950's movie set. Likewise, the essential components of his casual attire are a lesson in minimalism and dressing with quiet confidence. Leather jacket: check. Plain black tee: check. Black skinnies: check.
Matthew Hitt: A leather jacket love song. Left, he was matching with then-girlfriend Dakota Johnson (</3) in signature Wayfarers, still not buttoning his shirt all the way but in doing so makes the tricky double collar look work. Right, he was giving good face for the All Saints May 2015 look book.
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