The 2017 Pirelli Calendar is a Work of Art

The unveiling of the annual Pirelli calendar is the pivotal send-off to the year, and a pretty lavish one at that. Last year, acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz became the first woman to shoot the calendar in 25 years, and her subjects, which included icons such as Serena Williams and Amy Schumer, channeled an au naturel attitude to reinvent the typical pin-up style seen throughout the calendar's history.

This time round, the downright gorgeous black and white untouched photographs were shot by renowned fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, and feature 14 leading ladies and a university professor. Discussing the calendar in an interview for Pirelli's website, Lindbergh said:
"I wanted to use the 2017 Calendar to make a statement for a different kind of beauty. The current system promotes only one kind of beauty that is very connected to youth and perfection because it is a system based on consumption, whose idea of beauty doesn’t have anything to do with reality and with women. I think we need to take a step back and realize that this idea of beauty does not help women and on the contrary makes them unhappy. I want to use the Pirelli platform to send another message and the message is that beauty is much more than what we are used to seeing in commercials."
This is such an important but vastly underrepresented philosophy that seems so obvious in principle but is rarely, or ever, actualised beyond public criticism. Some of the actresses gracing the calendar this time round are:

Jessica Chastain
Source: @therealpeterlindbergh Instagram

Julianne Moore
Source: @therealpeterlindbergh Instagram
Uma Thurman

Others are: mega-babe Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Dame Helen Mirren, Robin Wright, Lupita Nyong’o, Swedish sweetheart Alicia Vikander, my obsession of the moment Rooney Mara, Charlotte Rampling, Zhang Ziyi, and Parisian idol Lea Seydoux, as well as Moscow State University professor Anastasia Ignatova.

More like this pls.

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