Sitting at the west of mainland Greece is the largest of the Ionian Islands, Kefalonia (or Cephalonia, formerly Kefallinia), a small but characterful land full of extreme colours, textures, flavours and natural life. 

Visual reminders of the island's strife since a major earthquake devastated the land in 1953 haunt the landscape; the treacherous highways are peppered with former homes reduced to rubble and unfinished building plots, some now reclaimed by the pitiless forces of nature and canvassed in sheets of climbing plants.

Phrases like "picturesque seaside villages" and "exotic beaches" get batted around in relation to Kefalonia a lot, but there is much more to this mountainous land. Home to a proud and polite populous, Kefalonia not only boasts resplendent terrain of intimidatingly colossal peaks and rich fertile plains, but also astonishingly piquant food lovingly prepared with devotion and ardency passed down through generations.

Shot on Olympus OM10 and iPhone SE.
Assos at sunset.
On the ascent up to Assos castle.
A flower shop in Argostoli.
A beach in the municipality of Ithaca.
Inside the Melissani Cave, southwest of Sami.
Somewhere near Myrtos Beach.

On the ferry from Lixouri to Argostoli.

A cloudy Myrtos Beach from above.

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